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GH Development was founded in May 2005. Its foundations are based on thirty years’ experience in the field of cosmetic and pharmaceutical packaging. Thanks to this strong expertise in the field of skincare, make-up and perfume, the company quickly found its place among other manufacturers in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries by offering customised and innovative production equipment.
Its founder Gilles HUSARD ensured its development for 10 years thanks to the establishment of a competent and passionate team, before handing over to his son Grégory HUSARD and his most loyal collaborator Franck De BUYST in 2014. This complementary pair, together with its team of expert technicians and engineers, are the basis of this family business.

The total command of its production process makes GH Development a sustainable and reliable company, capable of providing answers for special machines designed as required, or, thanks to its know-how, capable of offering so-called “standard” machines designed to meet the simplest requirements.
Thanks to its various skills, GH Development has been able to expand internationally, further increasing its development.

Whether in France or abroad, we are proud to be able to showcase the quality and professionalism of French manufacturing as our main supply channels are local..


The company’s identity is the result of many years of experience in production and its constraints. This is why we focus our designs as much on performance as on ease of use. These aspects allow us to increase productivity by reducing downtime, while maintaining a high level of reliability and adaptability thanks to these principles of ultra-fast tool-free dismantling (the so-called “SMED” method).

Our designs and manufacturing comply with GMP standards, in particular by limiting areas of contamination and promoting “clean design”. Our products are renowned for their robustness and high quality. Our industrial equipment is mainly designed to process a multitude of products (jars, bottles, airless, etc.) with a wide range of features, both in terms of size and technical characteristics.

Innovation is the key vector of the company. It allows us to adapt constantly to new packaging or procedures, thus enabling us to be the driving force behind proposals to meet the most demanding challenges.



First contact

Your request is handled by our sales department.

Project identification

Analysis of your needs and/or study of your project's specifications.

Budget analysis

Submission of a budget for the proposed strategy(s).


After validation of the solution, we draw up a detailed offer with a synoptic or visual 3D description.

Launching the project design

On reception of your order, the file is sent to a project manager in our mechanical engineering department. He will remain your contact throughout the project. He will carry out the 3D mechanical study of the machine and its formats. At the same time, an automation project manager will take care of the electrical and automation design in close collaboration with his mechanical counterpart.

Design follow-up

Design review meetings are organised at your convenience on our premises.

Launch of purchasing and assembly

Assembly, wiring and adjustments will be carried out in our workshops by our technicians (fitters, cable workers and automation specialists), thus enabling us to utilise 100% of our expertise.

Equipment delivery

Before the delivery of your machine, we will carry out an initial test in our premises called "FAT". We typically adapt to the protocols communicated to us. We can also draw up the following protocols: AMDEC, QI, QO QP, ....

Delivery, installation, training and commissioning

Once these tests have been validated by you, delivery on site is scheduled. Installation, training and commissioning will be carried out on your site by the GH Development team that has been monitoring the project.


For a quick and efficient start of your production, a comprehensive training will be given to your personnel on-site. You will also be given technical instructions both in paper and digital versions.


Do you need to produce a new format with your machine? Do you need parts or supplies? Do you desire a technical improvement? The after-sales service will respond to your requests and offer you suitable solutions. Our technicians will travel to your production site if necessary.

+33(0) 2 41 86 98 20


In addition to this solution, we can also offer you access to remote maintenance via modem. This allows you to remotely take control of your machine to diagnose and solve a problem or improve various aspects. The main advantage of this solution is the increased speed of intervention because it is so simple to set-up. To date, more than 90% of the projects carried out are equipped with this system.

*From 8:30 am to 6 pm.